Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Morgan Stand Mixer

Finally, I got my first stand mixer from Groupon with a reduction of 47% from the original price RM1,326.
At RM699, it's sure a bargain looking at it in terms of design and speed. But I guess its gonna be noisy as compared to my dream mixer, KitchenAid.
Gotta spend more time in baking from now on.


Anonymous said...

Hi there i just got this mixer but at RM890, any comment on the mixer?

Joshi said...

So far so good but it's kinda noisy as compared to the better brand like Kitchen Aid/Kenwood. But overall OK with the price paid.. The bowl is light but I dun really like the rubber underneath, difficult to reposition the mixer hehe.. coz i like to move things around in the kitchen